Last week, Taverna Greek Kitchen opened their doors in the beautiful Souq Madinat Jumeirah :)

The interiors are cosy and rustic, and will transport you to a hole-the-wall restaurant in Greece. This may be TMI, but even the restroom was really cute!

The food is spectacular. We enjoyed practically everything we ordered.

For starters we particularly loved the Tzatziki (AED 25), the Tirokafteri feta dip (AED 25).

For our mains, the Grilled Sea Bass which is a portion for 2 (AED 356) was incredibly well made. It was smokey, delicate, lemony, buttery perfection.

And finally, the dessert – their Orange Pie (AED 35) is a REVELATION. They served us 3 pieces on 1 dessert plate, and I literally did NOT want to share it with my husband. It was just that good.

Overall, if you enjoy Greek food and a fun, Greek ambience, Taverna Greek Kitchen should definitely be on your next-visit list.

Sheetal Bhagnari is a Food Photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Click here to get in touch!