Imagine food photos so good, they stop the scroll cold.

Think drool-worthy close-ups, impeccable lighting, and a focus on delicious textures and flavors that captivates your audience.

Together with my wealth of experience and collaborative spirit, we'll craft visuals that not only showcase your food, but elevate your brand, and drive meaningful engagement.

So, what sets me apart?

Hi, I'm Sheetal!

behind the lens

Ready to experience food photography that's hotter than your kitchen? Let's chat! 

Collaboration: My shoots are positive, upbeat, and collaborative. I value working closely with the team on set to create stunning images, while also making the process a joyful and stress-free experience.

Imagine your food                  with              , captured in photos that             and         . Let's create them                  






Storytelling: My photos go beyond just showcasing food; they tell a story, evoke emotions, and make mouths water.

Versatility: I'm comfortable capturing any style, from rustic charm to high-end elegance, I bend the light to match your brand's unique vibe. 

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I eat chocolate everyday because I like being happy.

fun facts about me

I can solve a Rubik's cube. 

fun facts about me

I can eat dessert before, during, and after a meal. 

fun facts about me

My favourite music genre is hip-hop.

fun facts about me

I once dyed my hair really bright pink.

fun facts about me

Every 4 years I think a juice maker is going to be the start of a whole new me. 

fun facts about me