French and Mediterranean cuisines come together deliciously in Chef Izu’s Carine.

Let me start with my overall opinion of our meal. Everything we ate was refined, delicious, so delicately flavoured. Chef Izu is a truly gift to the culinary landscape of Dubai.

Our favourite dishes were the Burrata (of course), the Truffle Tart, the Tuna Carpaccio, the Creme Brûlée (which is always perfection), the Tiramisu, and the Cheesecake. ⭐️

This passion fruit cheesecake was tangy, creamy, refreshing, with an impossibly crumbly, crunchy base. If you like cheesecakes, you’ve gotta remember to order this one at Carine. 👉🏼

Pro Tip – Don’t think that because it’s called ‘mains’ it should be the centre of your meal – because what comes before it and after it, deserve to be the heroes of your meal, in their own right. 💕

Like all of Chef Izu’s ventures, Carine is simply fantastic. Put it on your must-visit-in-Dubai-list. 🙌🏼

Sheetal Bhagnari is a Food Photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Click here to get in touch!